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Outdoor Hiking Gear What You Will Ever Need

It’s obvious that everything you take hiking is important, but the most important piece of outdoor hiking gear is the backpack. It doesn’t matter what kind of backpack you have as they are all equally important. There is a huge variety of backpacks to choose from, but basically, there are only two types of backpacks: unframed and framed. When considering your choice of outdoor hiking gear, think weight first, since you’re already going to be weighed down with equipment. You don’t want a backpack that needlessly adds extra weight. For a good backpack try to find one that weighs around 3 pounds when it is empty.

Unframed Backpacks

Day Packs

This will refer to any backpack that is too small to use on an overnight trip. This type of outdoor hiking gear is most popular with students that are carrying schoolbooks, new parents using them as diaper bags and even business men/women using them instead of briefcases.

Choosing the proper outdoor hiking gear for short hikes is not difficult. You want a backpack that is lightweight and easy to carry but still durable enough to hold a few items.

Bladders - Not for the Short Hike

There are some backpacks with built-in water bladders, but these types are not recommended for the casual walk because water is heavy, and no matter how comfortable it may seem at first, the added weight is not worth it.

Framed Backpacks

If you are hiking out into the woods and are planning on staying over night, then you will need a larger backpack than just a daypack. The recommended outdoor hiking gear would be a frame backpack. The frame means that either externally or internally there is a frame that keeps the pack's shape.

These types of backpacks are heavy duty backpacks compared to the day pack. They are designed to carry more equipment in an organized fashion, and they are designed for heavier loads.

Each pack has its advantages and disadvantages. Internal frame packs are the more popular variety because they are more comfortable and conform to the body but in hot weather, this could be discomfort because there will be very little air change between the pack and your back.

The Ten Essentials For Your Outdoor Hiking

There are 10 important essential you should need pack your backpack before your outdoor trip.

They have to-haves for hiking protection guide, survival, and basic comfort:


• Map (with protecting case)

• Compass

• GPS (non-obligatory)

• Altimeter (elective)

Sun protection

• Sunscreen

• Lip balm

• Sunglasses


• Jacket, vest, pants, gloves, hat (see Clothing, under)


• Headlamp or flashlight

• Extra batteries

First-aid components

• First-useful resource package (see our First-Aid Checklist)

Fire Extinguisher

• Matches or lighter

• Waterproof container

• Fire starter (for emergency survival fireplace)

Repair kit and gear

• Knife or multi-device

• Repair kits for range, mattress; duct tape strips


• Extra days deliver meals


• Water bottles or hydration reservoirs

• Water clear out or other treatment systems

Emergency shelter

• Tent, tarp, bivy or reflective blanket

Be a clever hiker using being prepared. Knowledge and talents gained’t match to your backpack, however, they’re vital to have – in case you’re a novice, test out nearby hiking corporations and examine hints at MEC backcountry workshops. Know your course and plans earlier than you depart, usually go away a journey plan with a trusted pal, and ensure your footwear is trail-worthy and cozy.

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